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[turbobike] how big turbo?

Ove (oveos@alcom.aland.fi)
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 11:11:31 +0300

Hi everyone!

I have some questions, which I wonder if anyone can answer.
I have a GSX-R 1100 model year 1986.
Now, how big turbo is suitable for that engine?
Should I grab it from a 1.5, 1.6, or 2.0 litre engine?
Is there any modifications on the turbo before mounting it?
What brand to use? I've seen that Garret seems to be the popular one.
And how about the oil return line from the turbo? 
Do I need a pump to transport the oil from the turbo back to the
engine? Is it possible to mount a turbo so high on the GSX-R, that 
the oil flows easily to the oil pan?
Can the turbo take the GSX-R oil pressure at approx. 5 bar?

I do own a turbo from an Audi S4 1994, but I'm not sure if that
turbo is to big for the GSX-R......

I would be very happy if anyone could answer these questions!

Many thanks/ Ove.