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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: Re: [turbobike] Which Bike?

Re: [turbobike] Which Bike?

Dave Morrill (david.p.morrill@fairchildsemi.com)
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 08:45:23 -0400

	Although I can't help you pick a bike (I turbocharged my snowmobile
instead of my CBR600), I do have a suggestion for you and the group.

	Does the Motec have an option to add a wastegate controller and an
extra input?  A long time ago I built a gearshift indicator for a
friends CBR600.  I would develop this further and have the Motec control
boost based on what gear you are in.  No more uncontrollable wheelies
and max power when you can use it.

-Can you point me to a supplier for the Aerodyne????


Steve Leonard wrote:
>     For my graduate degree project I am turbocharging a motorcycle. Only
> problem is I can't decide which bike to get. I am going to use an
> Aerodyne variable-vane turbo, the 140 series (about 300cfm). A MoTeC
> M4Pro engine management system. The Aerodyne is good for about 225 rwhp.
> Having built several GS1150/1100 engines, I am partial to them. Only
> thing the GS series chassis are not very stable at anything over 120mph.
>     Being a Suzuki fan I am leaning toward a Katana 1100, (heavier,
> longer wheel base, hopefully won't wheelie as easy). Other than the
> Katana's having healical gears on the crank, how much do they differ
> from a GXSR engine. I would consider a GXSR but 99% are abused or they
> want to much money for them. Any advice would be helpful.....
> regards'
>                            Steve L.