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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: [turbobike] Mini-Cooper ZZR1100

[turbobike] Mini-Cooper ZZR1100

Mon, 27 Jul 1998 23:46:36 -0400

Richard E Crispin
07/27/98 11:46 PM

Hi TurboFreaks,

      We (Kent Auto Developments in the UK and I) are building a
      Mini-Cooper (a charming little front-wheel-drive car that goes like a
      striped-a** ape) using a ZZR1100 as the engine.  The Mini will come
      in at around 1500lbs (682kg) with engine and my fat-a** strapped in.
      The plan is to use the ZZR1100 as a "mule" engine until we get
      everything sorted.  After that, the plan is to turbo-charge
      (probably) or super-charge (maybe) a big-bore version of the same
      engine.  (Don't worry, we pretty much have the reverse gear part
      figured out.)  I'm looking for an engine result of something like
      225hp and 150lb-ft of torque.  (Torque is of more value than
      horse-power.)  Other than the fact that the engine alone will
      probably cost about $10 grand, I have other concerns.

      Will the stock gearbox handle this?  I doubt it because of the
      automotive shock loads, even with all of the "cush-drive"
      arrangements.  [By the way, the gearbox output sprocket will
      chain-drive a Quaiffe differential, which will (in turn) drive two
      constant-velocity shafts via cogged-belts.  (Trying to mitigate the
      shock loads as much as possible.)]  Will high-strength road-racing
      gears take it?  Am I better off going with a drag-racing gearbox with
      fewer ratios and stronger gears?  I can use, but really don't "need"
      six speeds.  Any thoughts, comments and/or ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Rich Crispin