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Re: [turbobike] jetting question

Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:32:29 EDT

Hey all,
I am in the process of jetting my 94 ZX9 that I have jus installed a blow-thru
turbo-system on and I need some help.
With an epoxy head,full Muzzy pipe and jet kit we ended up at 215 main jets.
Now I have added the turbo and a 950 kit with the compression set at 9.5-1 and
am having problems getting the jetting right.
The bike has a slight stumble off idle then clears up and runs decent until
approx 4500 rpms then it jus dies.I pulled a plug and the electrode and ground
are a really light shade of grey.Is this mainly indicative of a lean
I tried a set of jets drilled to 275 and a set drilled to 245 and both sets
ran the same as above.
Anyone have any suggestions?