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[turbobike] prostar west bakersfield

sebastian (bottlerockets@email.msn.com)
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:17:28 -0500

hello everyone,
 Just wanted to let you know that the dragbike races in bakersfield were
awesome. Turbo bikes were kickin butt.

For example:
90 stck gsxr 1100 with bars and a 6 in. stretch- 8.20@172
91 gsxr 1100 stock with a 8in. stretch-8.72@168
gs1100 motor work turbo/nitrous 7.15@201

nothin like the sound of a turbo bike spoolin up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to Rick of this site,hope ya break the record.
Ill try to make it but I have about 8 bikes to finish nitrous installs on
before then. Well good luck again.

                                  Bottlerockets Engineering