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[turbobike] Qestions

Wed, 13 May 1998 11:55 +0200

--- Inkommet från VCC1.DODGE 031 7654225               98-05-13 11:55

What is JB weld,I live in Sweden you know?
Does everybody over there use fuel injection,I´m using a blow through
system with the oem 40mm cv carbs and it runs clean and crisp all
through the rev range.
I´m also using a spacer plate at the cylinder base to lower the CR,
that You don´t recomend
My CR is 8:1 it runs perfect on 95octane pump gas and produces 270hp
at 1,2bar (18psi) boost, I can go as high as 1,7 bar and just use 98
octane pump gas. I will try to send you the pic´s in the beginning of
next week.   regards/Christer

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