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Turbocharged, Supercharged, and Hotrod Motorcycles: [turbobike] Introduction

[turbobike] Introduction

Michael A. Devenis (thumper@hughes.net)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:56:48 -0700

Hi all. My name is Michael Devenis, I own a bike chassis and suspension
shop in Calif. called GMD Computrack-LA. If anyone has any questions
related to handling i will do my best to help out. We have assisted in
the setting of several top speed records, and won many national and club
races through our customers and sponsored riders. We do only frame
alignment and Suspension repair and modifications, so I am no help in
motor related problems, however sooner or later that turbo, nitrous
monster has to put all that power to the road and that is where I can