A 350 HP turbo bike is best described as a rocket with a human payload when under full boost

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Instead of the traditional draw-thru single carburetor system this bike has been designed to blow through the Electronic Fuel Injection System to preserve the stock bikes driveability, even fuel distribution and heat management. The electronic injection gives me complete automatic control over all functions such as cold start, acceleration, enrichment and automatic altitude/ barometric correction. The user friendly Software allows me to use my laptop computer to adjust the fuel system. We mounted the turbocharger in front of the engine near the exhaust ports to minimize heat losses and improve turbo response. Tuned 180 degree firing, heavy wall stainless steel exhaust headers insure perfect exhaust timing and even heat delivery to the turbine wheel. Front mounting of the turbocharger isolates the heat from the rider, eliminating burned shins, and as a further benefit removes the turbocharger from its traditional location behind the engine where it can get hot enough to boil the fuel in the gas tank. Twin intercoolers lower inlet temperatures an average of 150 degrees Fahrenheit under boost giving The cylinders a cooler, denser charge . Without intercooling higher boost pressures could not be reliably maintained. It can run 15 psi on unleaded premium and up to 28 psi on high octane racing fuels. This system features a sophisticated priority breather valve that allows the engine to breathe directly at the inlet plenum. thus bypassing the turbo and intercoolers to eliminate any turbo lag. Also on the bike is a digital air fuel ratio meter thats on the dash . This gives me an instantaneous readout of my exact air fuel ratio for both monitoring and tuning my engine. This system is reliable and predictable enough for everything from daily commuting to sport bike activity and out and out racing.

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