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FEATURING HIGH TECH AND HOW-TO ARTICLES ON: Turbocharging, Supercharging, Ram Air Induction, Nitrous Oxide, Electronic Programmable Fuel Injection, Air Fuel Ratio Meters, Ignition Systems, Detonation Controls, Boost Controls, Turbo Sizing, Engine Building, Wheels/Brakes/Tires, Suspension, Carbon & Kevlar Fiber, Tech Secrets (from the pits), and MORE... FEATURE ARTICLES ON: Extreme Performance Street Bikes, Drag Bikes, Company & Personality Profiles, Project Bikes, Factory Turbo Bikes, Turbo Travel, International Scene, Reader's Bikes, Turbo News & Views, and Supplier Directories.




Every edition of TURBO BIKE AND MOTORCYCLE PERFORMANCE is cram-packed with up to-date vital information pertaining to today's power boosted motorcycle. Volumes One and Two of TURBO BIKE are instructional manuals on how to build turbocharged motorcvcle engines. Volume 3 started a new glossy cover magazine format that has been has been carried on through Volume 5, Number 1. Each edition is unique, including all new articles dealing with high-tech, high-performance subject matters. Power boosting motorcycles is quickly becoming the way to go when it comes to serious horsepower increases. Leam how others are achieving 250 to 400 plus horsepower from their street bikes. All six books will tum you into a walking encyclopedia on the subjects of turbocharging, supercharging, nitrous oxide, and fuel injection.




Turbo Bike
Volume One
A complete guide
to turbocharging

mag1.jpg (5174 bytes)

8 1/2" x 11" 
91 pages
150 photos charts & diagrams


chapter 1 - TURBO BIKE BASICS - Includes turbocharger design, choosing the proper turbocharger, choosing the right bike for turbocharging, turbocharger placment, oiling systems, fuel systems, water/alcohol injection, intercoolers, exhaust systems, wast-gates, ignition systems, compression ratios and cam timing.
MOTORCYCLES - Includes products and company histories of Joe Haile Engineering, American Tur-Pak, Blake Enterprises, RC Engineering, RB Racing, Mr.Turbo, and Luftmeister.
Chapter 3 - A BRIEF HISTORY OF OEM FACTORY TURBO MOTORCYCLES -Includes the history of the following factory turbocharged motorcycles: Honda CX5OO/650 Turbo, Yamaha XJ65OLJ Turbo Seca, Suzuki XN85 Turbo and the Kawasaki GPZ-750 Turbo.
Chapter 4 - TURBO CLIPBOARD - Includes detailed information on nine custom/race turbocharged and supercharged motorcycles.
Chapter 5 - SUPPLIER DIRECTORY - A complete list of suppliers of kits, parts, and accessories.



Turbo Bike
Volume 2
A complete guide
to turbocharging

mag2.jpg (5999 bytes)

5 1/2" x 8 1/2"                                               Supplement to Volume 1
68 pages
73 photos charts & diagrams


Chapter 1 - MEET MAD MEL, THE LIVING LEGEND - Profiles Mad Mel and his famous motorcycle. Volume 2 mostly pertains to detonation control and this motor-cycle is used as an example.
Chapter 2 - DETONATION DAMPERS - Contains sub-chapters on low compression pistons, racing fuels, water/alcohol injection, intercooling, ignition systems and wast-gates. Anyone contemplating installing a turbocharger system on their mo torcycle should read this chapter before picking up a wrench. This is vital information.
Chapter 3 - TURBO TECH - Technical analysis of the S&S Shorty carburetor for draw-through turbo systems.
Chapter 4 - TURBO TECH - Technical analysis of the Warner-ISHI RHB-52/6 turbochargers
Chapter 5 - HARLEY'S FROM HELL - RB Racing's Harley Davidson turbocharger systems explained.
Chapter 6- TURBO BIKES FROM AROUND THE WORLD - Readers bikes.
Chapter 7 - TURBO BIKE DIRECTORY - A complete list of turbocharger kit and parts suppliers




Turbo Bike
and Motorcycle
Volume 3

mag3.jpg (9229 bytes)

8 1/2" x 11"                                                         Winter 1994
80 Pages
160 photos, charts, and diagrams

Article 1 - HARLEY'S FROM HELL, PART 2 - How to build turbocharged Harley engines by Carl Pelletier.
Article 2 - ALLIED FORCES - Turbo bikes from across the pond.
Article 3 - TURBO V-MAX - How to build the ultimate rocket sled. We show you the inside of RB Racing's blow4hrough (carbureted) V-Max turbo system.
Article 4 - LEAD SUPREME 130 - An octane booster that really works.
Article 5 - MR. TURBO - Taking a tour of Mr. Turbo's entire product line.
Article 6 - ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION - New age technology for today's bikes. Understanding the inner workings of EFI and where this new technology is taking us
Article 7 - HAHN RACECRAFT - The man, the products, and the company.
Article 8 - LUFTMEISTER'S BMW R11OORS TURBO - The inside story and road test on Matt Capri's latest sleeper. A two cylinder R11OORS that streaks through the quarter mile in 10.48 seconds, at 132.80 MPH. Street legal, and through the muffler.
Article 9 - PROJECT 750 TURBO KATANA - First in a series of How-To articles on turbocharging the 1990 Suzuki Katana 750. This article starts off with a simple draw-through system.
Article 10 - TECH SECRETS FROM THE PITS - Harold Barnett visits the pits at Indy and gets the goods on the top Funny Bikes.
Article 11 - TURBO TECH - Aerodyne's self-lubricating, variable vane turbocharger TB&MP takes you inside this unique turbo.



Turbo Bike
and Motorcycle
Volume 4, No.1

mag41.jpg (8448 bytes)


8 1/2" x 11"                                                           Summer 1995
64 pages
105 photos, charts, and diagrams

Article 1 - TO SUPERCHARGE OR TO TURBOCHARGE, PART 1 - This article answers the age old question. Which is better and covers Harley Davidson and V- Max motorcycles. Part 2 in Volume 4 Number 2 will cover all other bikes. By Joe Haile
Article 2 - 206.100 MILES PER HOUR, ON DIRT! - Matt Capri, Mad Man of El Mirage, burns the record books. This in-depth article covers the whole Luftmeister story, including an exclusive test ride on one of the fastest motorcycles on the face of the planet.
Article 3 - HOT BIKE IN A COLD COUNTRY - A showdown with adversity. You think getting a tinkered on vehicle through registration and smog checks is tough in this country? Try Norway!
Article 4 - HOW-TO: TURBOCHARGING THE WATER-COOLED SUZUKI GSXR1100. - Kit? Who needs a kit when you can build your own system and save a lot of hard earned money In the process. Here's every last detail on how to do it yourself. By Gary Evans
Article 5 - OLD TURBO BIKES NEVER DIE - Mad Mel's monster bike turns 25. Next stop, The twilight Zone. A close look at one of the most potent street bikes to legally traverse our highways and by-ways.
Article 6 - TURBOCHARGING KAWASAKI'S BIG GUN - A low boost, more civilized turbo kit from Westec. Anything over 250 horsepower just goes up in wheel-spin anyway. This system is for the person who wants to surprise others, and not themselves.
Article 7 - IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT AIR/FUEL RATIO - Bob Behn explains everything you ever needed to know about dialing in the proper air/fuel ratio.



Turbo Bike
and Motorcycle
Volume 4, No.2

mag42.jpg (8617 bytes)

8 1/2" x 11"                                                                                   Winter 1995
80 pages
140 photos, charts, and diagrams

Article 1 - WORLD'S FASTEST STREET LEGAL HONDA - Mr. Turbo's latest " blow-mind " system boosts the 9OORR to 225 streetable horsepower, and 205 miles per hour.
Article 2 - FIBER THIS, FIBER THAT! - Everyone knows that carbon and Kevlar fiber products are light and heat resistant, but who knows how the stuff was developed and how it's made? Read this article and you will amaze your friends with your vast knowledge on the subject. By Joe Hade
Article 3 - LUFTMEISTER'S TRIUMPH DAYTONA TURBO - It'll go over 202 miles per hour, right out of the box. It won't be long, and Triumph will be back in the record books.
Article 4 - A LITTLE SQUEEZE, IF YOU PLEASE - Useful tips from the NOS files.
Article 5 - RAM AIR INDUCTION - Taking advantage of free air. How and why ram air induction is the big new speed secret of the 90's
Article 6 - PROJECT: BAD KAT - Part two in a series of how-to articles on turbocharging the 1990 Suzuki Katana 750. This article deals with blow-through carburetion
Article 7 - TO SUPERCHARGE, OR TO TURBOCHARGE, PART 2 - This article covers supercharger and turbocharger installations on Japanese bikes, Triumphs, BMW and others are included. Who makes the systems and what will they do for you.
Article 8 - RICE ROCKET - Detailed article on Steve Rice's beautiful Kawasaki   Funny Bike.
Article 9 - TURBO TECH - Understanding the RSR (RB Racing) Autocal programmable electronic fuel injection system.



Turbo Bike
and Motorcycle
Volume 5, No.1

mag51.jpg (8730 bytes)

8 1/2" x 11"                                                 Summer 1996
64 pages
105 photos, charts, and diagrams.

Article 1 - TOP FUEL - Take a ride on the wild side. Explores the baddest-ass classin motorcycle drag racing today. Names like Elmer Treft, Tony Lang, Ron Webb, Spiderman" McBride, Jim McClure and their machines are covered in detail. Also featuring the layman's guide to nitromethane fuel.
Article 2 - PRO MOD - Technically speaking, the most interesting class in dragracing today. Details Scott Crippen's EFI Suzuki, Scott Kahley's double engine Kawasaki, and Mike Patterson's Top Gas/Pro Mod bike.
Article 3 - HOW-TO: BLOW-THROUGH TURBOCHARGING THE SUZUKI GSXR750 - Mark Vanderwalle shows you how to make a 3/4 liter sleeper, down to the last nut and bolt.
Article 4 - IN YOUR FACE ZX-1 1 - Covers in detail, the inner workings of RB Racing's new prototype turbo system. This system features everything in the tool box. Blow-through EFI, intercooling, and an 800 CFM Turbonetics turbocharger.
Articie 5 - THE BIKES OF EL MIRAGE - TB&MP takes you to the flattest and smoothest place on the face of the Earth Open your throttle all the way - and leave it there.



Turbo Bike and Motorcycle Performance is a major source of reference to me at the moment, covering all of the topics I want to find out a bit more about (particularly EFI). Also, I've enjoyed the less technical articles. A superb combination and bloody well done chaps Graham Meuders - Kent, England

I thoroughly enjoyed your first two books. Very informative. R. Connors - Dennieport, MA Thanks for creating such a great magazine. Bill Sherican - Potomac, MD

I have just received all four of your Turbo Bike publications. What can I say? SUPERB, BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC'. James McLernon - Antrim, N. Ireland

Hey guys, I have nothing but high respect for your magazine'. I read my first issue today and I need more. Can you please add me to your list of already pleased subscribers? Jeff Wilson - Stellacoom, WA

After having taken a first look at your magazines, I became electrified. This is the stuff I was looking for'. Stefan Schipler - Stuh,; Germany

Thank you for TB&MP Volume 4. I think it's one of the best magazines available, and that's a fact. You're doing a great job. Bjarte Lan goen - Norway

Great books'. Every copy of Turbo Bike in the office got stolen. Steve Berry, Editor (Streetfighters)


All I did was read one issue at a friends house and I was addicted.

Absolutely the most informative motorcycle magazine I have ever read.  Dan Feller - Miami, FL





Only two issues of POWERTECH were produced before cancellation, however back issues are still available. These two publications are excellent reading and a great source of technical information pertaining to extreme performance motorcycles. Volume One, Number One features the late Elmer Trett on the cover, plus articles on nitrous oxide, Turbo Bikes of the 80's, Horsepower Unlimited's 9.34 second Zx750E factory turbo bike, Denis Manning's 3OOOcc, 400 horsepower land speed engine, and Kevin Draper's twin turbo Harley drag bike. Volume One, Number Two features Angelle Seeling on the cover, and articles on nitrous oxide shifters, PCS's new Ducati Monster turbocharger kits, Team Mr.'s CBR9OORR turbo kit, Hahn Racecrafts's new Aerocharger GSXR kit, and much more. Like TURBO BIKE MAGAZINE, these two publications are bound to be collector's items, as they are no longer in print. If you are into extreme motorcycling, or thinking of building a 275 horsepower streetbike, POWERTECH One and Two are a must have reference guide.




Volume I - Number 1

magp11.jpg (8624 bytes)

10 3/4" x 14" (Tabloid)                                                    Fall 1996
30 Pages
87 photos, charts, and diagrams

Article 1 - CAD-CAM LSR MOTORCYCLE ENGINE - Denis Manning's 3000cc, 16 valve, 400 HP v-4 purpose built Land Speed Record engine.
Article 2 - SQUEEZE - Everything you ever wanted to know about bottled horsepower.
Article 3 - TWO TURBOS ARE BETTER THAN ONE - Kevin Draper's Majestic Turbo twin turbo top fuel Harley.
Article 4 - DISTANT THUNDER - RB Racing's new 225 HP (street) Harley turbolEFl kit.
Article 5 - PROJECT: BAD KAT PART 3 - How-to details on turbocharging the Suzuki Katana 600 and 750 motorcycles.
Article 6 - COMPRESSED COLLECTABLES - Turbo bikes of the 80's, the glory days.
Article 7 - THE ZX750E THAT MIKE BUILT - Horsepower Unlimited's 9.34 second factory Kawasaki turbo bike.
Article 8 - AEROCHARGED - Hahn Racecraft's new Aerocharger kit for the watercooled Suzuki GSX-R11OO.


Volume I - Number 2

magp12.jpg (8501 bytes)

10 3/4 " X 14 " (Tabloid)                                                Winter 1997
30 Pages
69 photos, charts, and diagrams

Article 1 - BLACKNASTY 2002 - Part drag bike, part street bike, this supercharged and fuel injected road warrior Harley will blow you away.
Article 2 - SQUEEZING YOUR SHIFTER - Air shifters? No way! We're talking nitrous oxide, buddy. Learn all about High Power System's new shifter in a bottle.
Article 3 - OUTLAW HONDA - Team Mr. 'S new turbo kit for the Honda CBR9OORR and the story behind the only turbocharged motorcycle to ever win a national road racing championship.
Article 4 - THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES - How to install Yamaha FJ12OO forks and front & rear brakes on an FXE Harley Davidson.
Article 5 - MONSTER INVASION - PCS's new Ducati Monster turbocharger kit. 105 horsepower to the rear wheel in less than a day.
Article 6 - GETTING IN SYNC - Everything you ever need to know about carburetor synchronization - and more.

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