Christer Johansson's Turbo GSXR 1100

1992 GSXR1100 with a turbo system built by an race shop here in Sweden using a garret T3 turbo with trim60 and a 43mm inlet hole in the compressor housing,stainless header and exhaust pipe,a 3 stage wastegate,balanced plenum chamber,lotus pop off valve there is also an custom made swayed intercooler placed in front of the oil cooler, boost is set at 1,2bar (18psi) developing 270hp (dynod) that is close to the pump limit of the turbo. Fuel is delivered by an Bosch electric pump controlled by an malpasi adjustable boost controlled pressure regulator, to the heavily modified OEM 40mm carbs. The crankcase evacuation system is modified to cope with the new demands. Stock is: pistons.rods,crank,cylinder head,cams,ignition system.  other modifications are harder valve springs, cams has altered lobe centerlines,a 2mm spacer at the cylinder base is used to lower the cr to 8:1,an English made swingarm,beringer front discs (French) and lots of other little goodies.The bike runs incredibly strong and smooth throughout the revs maybe a little harsh at idle but it is negligible. Iīm planning several alterations coming this winter including a larger turbo (Garret T04E twin flow) will help solving problem with high back pressure before turbo when running high boost (over 1,3bar) but yet give boost at about the same rpmīs due to the twin flow function.With this turbo it should be able to produce +400hp depending upon housing choices.

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